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Wow! Incredible Support from Leaders in Fitness and Nutrition

April 21, 2017 By

Recently we launched our “Lifting & Training” practice, led by Dr. Spencer Nadolsky. Online concierge medicine specifically for weight lifters, body builders, powerlifters, and fitness enthusiasts.

The reception has been incredible. Leaders in the industry – those who do online coaching, online nutrition plans, author books on fitness, world-class competitive lifters – have shown tremendous support for what we’re doing.  They’re using the service and encouraging their clients and followers to learn more and sign up.

We’re proud to announce that we have joined forces with SteadyMD to provide an online resource for clients looking to interact with a Doctor online.  
Nick Shaw, CEO of Renaissance PeriodizationRead more.

I always joked with my pal Dr. Spencer Nadolsky (“The Doc Who Lifts”) that I wish he could be my doctor. Spencer is incredibly well-educated, and I truly trust his perspective AND his compassion. And the unicorns have smiled. Thanks to SteadyMD… Spencer is my doctor. And it’s all online and convenient as hell.
Mark Fisher, CEO of Mark Fisher FitnessRead more.

I’ve recently started working with an amazing company that is already creating massive disruption in one of the most entrenched industries in the world: healthcare.  
John Romaniello, CEO of Roman Fitness SystemsRead more.

Man, this is the EXACT health, fitness, medical experience I’ve been looking for since I started working out around 25 yrs ago. Back then my 80 pounds overweight doc told me + my parents (who were at the appt w/me) that protein & creatine were killing my kidneys. Those days are over.
Dr. John Berardi, CEO of Precision NutritionRead more.

Wow! We are thrilled and grateful to have them on our team! All of these folks offer services that are complementary to SteadyMD and have no plans to get into online medical care. We look forward to expanding our work with them and bringing-on new partners.

Thanks guys!