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The Online Lifestyle Doctor Service – Anna’s SteadyMD Review

June 15, 2018 By

“I am carless, in a new city, with precious little free time during the week, and I spent all of yesterday in the L.A. airport because of a delayed flight that landed me in bed at 3 a.m. So a morning doctor’s appointment that requires only a private room, an internet connection, and my laptop is pretty much the only doctor’s appointment I can handle.

After breaking the ice with a few comments about the weather in our respective locations (he’s in D.C.; I’m in St. Louis), we get down to business. He asks me about allergies, family medical history, past surgeries, height, weight, and lifestyle.

Then, we move on to my current concerns. I’ve just relocated from New York City, where I spent much of my time working from my hoarder’s paradise apartment—literally, the women who rented the apartment out to me stored piles of their old items there—so I’m unsure of whether I have chronic sinusitis, allergies, or my body’s just been slowly poisoned over the past four years.”

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