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You’re Not Alone. SteadyMD Helps You Navigate Your Entire Healthcare Experience.

July 9, 2020 By

Have you ever felt like you’re completely on your own as you try to navigate the health care system?!

It can be confusing and frustrating to deal with things like unexpected fees, coverage, in-network / out-of-network, waiting to get an appointment, insurance hassles, and more. At SteadyMD, we understand these frustrations and help you navigate them.

When you sign up with SteadyMD, you get a complete healthcare system.

  • If you have insurance, we help you understand and maximize the value of your insurance plan
  • We help you avoid surprise bills, and understand premiums, deductibles, and other details
  • If you need to see an in-person specialist, we’ll help you find and schedule an appointment with someone in your area
  • We help you develop a long-term, preventative care plan
  • We’ll pair you with the right doctor for you based on your individual needs, lifestyle, and goals


It’s our job to be thinking about your health and keeping you on track.


As a member, you get a one-on-one, collaborative relationship with your personal doctor, and also assistance from a medical team trained to help you with:

  • Getting prescriptions sent right to your door or local pharmacy
  • Ordering labs, x-rays, or other tests and procedures
  • Retrieving your past medical records, to organize your health records in a convenient, centralized place
  • Advising you about supplements, devices, and other recommendations



To get started today, take our quiz. We’d love to have you as a patient and help you sustain your most optimal level of health in ways that work for youyour lifestyle, your needs, your preferences. Get started now.