Your Personal Doctor, Online.

Partnering you with a doctor who really gets to know you, listens to you, and has time for you.

No co-pays. No surprise bills. Personalized care for you and your family.

The Personal Attention
of the Same Doctor

Not a random doctor. Not a nurse. It’s like having a “doctor friend” always at-hand.

A Doctor Who
Really Listens to You

The attention you deserve. The time to ask questions, be heard, and feel comfortable.

Available via Text,
Phone, and Video Chat

Text anytime for a quick answer. Same-day appointments via phone and video chat.

True Preventative Care.
Not Only For a Quick Fix.

Your SteadyMD has the time to tackle complex issues, chronic issues, and behavior change.

Tailored to Your
Medical Needs

Expert monitoring for thyroid, diabetes, high blood pressure, and other chronic issues.

Aligned with Your

Specialized care for your diet, exercise, sleep, and more. The things that matter most to you.

Our Doctors Serve a Limited Number of Patients

So they can give you the time and attention that you deserve.

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Common Questions

What is SteadyMD?

SteadyMD offers personalized Primary Care, online. Partnering you with a doctor who really gets to know you, listens to you, and has time for you. SteadyMD is designed for anyone who does not have a primary care doctor, or is looking for a new primary care doctor. Our physicians see a limited number of patients, so you can call, text or video chat any time with a doctor who is aligned with your life and is focused on helping you achieve your goals. Some of our physicians also focus on patients with specific dietary preferences (vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free) and specific lifestyles (runners, cyclists, lifters).

SteadyMD is especially suited for patients who need help managing a chronic condition such as hypothyroidism, diabetes, heart disease, or hypertension. Your SteadyMD doctor will be in constant contact with you, and be a consistent support system to help you stay healthy.

Can I see my doctor in person?

Contact with your doctor is completely through secure text, phone, and video-chat. If, for whatever reason, you need to be seen in person, your SteadyMD doctor will refer you to a local specialist or urgent care facility. Your doctor will then communicate with the provider that examined you and carefully go over all the details with you. If lab tests are needed, you will be directed to a local testing facility. SteadyMD doctors will then follow up with you after your appointment, maintain your records, and make any recommendations on follow up care.

Can my doctor prescribe medications?

Yes. All of our doctors are licensed physicians can prescribe many of the usual prescriptions available in a traditional office setting. Some medications might be restricted based on the telemedicine laws in your state.

How much does a SteadyMD membership cost?

SteadyMD is $99 per month for a twelve month membership. There are no additional fees or co-pays. You may cancel anytime within the first month and you will only be billed for that one month.

This gives you the opportunity to have your first appointment with your SteadyMD doctor, get comfortable with them, and ensure that they are a good fit for you.

All memberships include unlimited text messaging, same-day phone call appointments, and same-day video chat appointments.

What about family members and children?

After you become a member, you will have the option of adding-on care for your spouse, partner, and children, at a discounted rate.

If you’re interested, please discuss this option with your SteadyMD doctor after you become a member.

Is SteadyMD safe and private?

Yes. The entire SteadyMD platform is secure and HIPAA compliant (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) to ensure that the communication with your SteadyMD doctor remain a private matter between the two of you. Your information is stored on our secure servers and we take every measure to ensure your privacy and the safety of your data.

Our Patients Love Us

Immediate contact and help is exactly what I want, and I have felt like a priority every time I needed something.

Neely Gracey

Boulder, CO

This service is amazing! In a world filled with reactionary medicine, this is precisely the sort of solution I have been looking for to complement my lifestyle. Everybody needs this level of care.


Gainesville, FL

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