Introducing SteadyMD Complete™

A practical and affordable alternative to health insurance.

Available Right Now Nationwide. For Individuals and Families.

SteadyMD Complete™ is a comprehensive health care solution.

You get a personal online doctor paired with medical cost sharing.

For most of us, this means better care at a much lower overall cost.

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You Can Save Hundreds of Dollars Per Month

How It Works

Your Personal Doctor, Online

For primary and preventative care.

  • No co-pays. Your same doctor, available anytime.
  • Personal attention of a doctor who “gets you”
  • Tailored to your life & specific medical needs
  • Unlimited texting. Available anytime, anywhere.
  • Same-day phone call & video chat appointments
  • True preventative care. Not just a quick fix.
  • All of your medical records in one place

Plus, Medical Cost Sharing

For your larger, unexpected medical needs.

  • An average of 50% savings over traditional insurance
  • For big things like hospitalization, surgeries, ER visits, and MRI’s
  • No networks so you have freedom to choose
  • Open to all people

Medical Cost Sharing

Sedera Health is a leader in Medical Cost Sharing.

It’s an innovative healthcare solution with no insurance hassles.

Frequently Asked Questions

Everyone that joins Sedera is contributing to, and depending upon, each other. To be good caretakers of their own health, and to look out for the good of others.

Putting you in the driver’s seat. Allowing you to be an informed and empowered patient.

I-U-A stands for Initial Unshareable Amount. It’s your personal responsibility before the community will step in and share your Need.

A Need is an illness or injury where expenses total more than your Initial Unshareable Amount (I-U-A).

Is the treatment you’re receiving helping you get well? Is the treatment you’re receiving helping you figure out what’s wrong? Does this care cost more than your I-U-A?

If you answered Yes, then it’s shareable (in accordance with Sedera’s Membership Guidelines).

Here are some ways to determine if you have a pre-existing medical condition.

Sedera Health is an entirely separate entity from SteadyMD. We are simply offering access via the Hint platform to their service. After signing up for SteadyMD, you will be instructed on how to sign-up for Sedera

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