Our Doctors Serve a Limited Number of Patients

So they can give you the time and attention that you deserve.

The Personal Attention
of the Same Doctor

Not a random doctor. Not a nurse. Like having a “doctor friend” always at-hand.

A Doctor Who
Really Listens to You

All the time you need to ask questions, be heard, and feel comfortable.

Available via Text,
Phone, and Video Chat

Text anytime. Same-day appointments via phone and video chat.

True Preventative Care.
Not Just a Quick Fix.

The time to tackle complex issues, chronic issues, and behavior change.

Tailored to Your
Medical Needs

Ongoing monitoring for high blood pressure, diabetes, allergies, and other chronic issues.

Tailored to Your

A doctor who understands your life, passions, and goals. A doctor who “gets you.”

A Doctor Who is a Perfect Fit For You

A doctor who you choose based on what’s important to you
Not one who just happens to be local
Experienced in your medical conditions and concerns
Not a random doctor

A Doctor Who Actually Knows You

Spends time with you whenever you need it
Not just a few minutes when you happen to make an appointment
Knows your personal background, medical history, family history, and more
Not a doctor that just met you for the first time

A Doctor Who Really Has Time For You

Thoroughly answers your questions, whenever they come up
Not rushing you out the door
Understands your diet, exercise, sleep, and work routines
Not giving you one-size-fits all guidance
Coordinates all of your health care, including referrals to specialists
Not just passing you on to someone else
Addresses the root cause of diseases and medical issues
Not just treating your immediate symptoms
Continuously monitors your diet, exercise, and vital body measurements
Not just once per year or so
Checks-in with you to see how you’re doing
Not just a one-way relationship

Quality, Ongoing Medical Care

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