The SteadyMD Technology Platform

Overview: It’s All About Relationships, Online

The SteadyMD Platform is a fully integrated technology platform for users and providers to pair up and collaborate. To develop rich, long-term, personal relationships over large distances. Designed to work across all types of devices and screen sizes.

The platform is comprised of:

  • A robust sign up and onboarding experience, tightly integrated with marketing campaigns
  • An intelligent matching engine that evaluates each user and provider across hundreds of attributes to help spark a connection and pair them up successfully
  • A user app, allowing for easy access and modern collaboration over text, phone, and video chat
  • A provider app, allowing for the quality handling of hundreds of paired users
  • Management tools to operate and scale a modern, technology-enabled service business

The SteadyMD Platform has numerous applications in healthcare, finance, insurance, accounting, and other relationship-based businesses where users and providers work together over many weeks, months, and years.

The Platform is secure and HIPAA compliant and is suited for any country and any language.

Robust Sign Up and Onboarding Technology

Let’s start at the start. You’d like to market your tech-enabled service to customers around the country, while respecting the technical, legal, and regulatory considerations of your business.

The SteadyMD Platform supports the ever-changing needs of marketing and neatly supports dozens of concurrent marketing campaigns, both online and offline.

Whether your focus is digital marketing via Facebook, Instagram, Google Adwords, Display Ads, Email Campaigns, or, your focus is offline marketing through your providers, brick-and-mortar locations, or direct mail, the SteadyMD Platform allows you to understand how your marketing activities are translating into new paying customers.

The Sign Up and Onboarding features of the Platform include:

  • Ability to sign up for a particular provider
  • Limiting sign up to a set of providers
  • Limiting sign up only to providers who are licensed in the user’s state or country
  • Ability to hide, show, or feature providers, based on their real-time calendar availability
  • Special and customizable sign up experience for a specific group or employer
  • Support for waitlisting; reserving a spot with a provider who is not yet available
  • Display of legal terms and conditions, state-by-state or country-by-country
  • Support for robust intake forms, on a per-provider or per-service basis
  • Support for spouses, children, and other family members under the same account
  • Support for different types of access for family members (full and limited)
  • Integrated text messaging to make it easy for users to download the mobile app
  • Robust analytics and attribution for each sign up, including source, medium, and campaign data. Both automated and user reported.
  • Detailed marketing reports, weekly and monthly, channel-by-channel. Dollars spent, visitors, new customers, cost per new customer.
  • Detailed funnel reports for each weekly cohort of visitors. Tracking and performance of key conversion events from initial visit to paying customer.
  • Word of mouth report, tracking the extent to which customers are referring other customers
  • Support for multiple pricing plans and pricing terms: free trials, monthly subscriptions, annual subscriptions, limited-time promotions, coupons, cancellation fees, and more.
  • Online one-click scheduling for new customer appointments.
  • Integrates with third-party calendar and scheduling systems so that there is one source of truth for the provider’s real-time availability.
  • Integrates with third-party CRM systems for tracking all prospective customers, all phone and email interactions, and more.

Intelligent Quiz & Matching Engine

We’ve spent years pondering and chipping away at these questions:

How do we successfully pair up users and providers?

Across geographies. Respecting legal and regulatory requirements. Taking into account provider capacity and provider availability.

What is the “spark” that starts a quality, long-term relationship?

Factoring-in practical considerations. Considering the needs, motivations, and emotional qualities that are personally important to users and providers.

Our Matching Engine enables users to describe what’s important to them, in the form of an approachable, light, easy-to-use Quiz. We ask users about their practical needs and also ask more personal questions that help us better understand their interests and lifestyle.

We score and rank each available provider against the user’s inputs and hundreds of matching factors. In a clear and concise way, so as to not overwhelm users with information and choice, we reveal to the user the handful of providers that we think are a perfect fit. Further, we dynamically personalize the biography and description of each provider based on the user’s inputs, revealing the things about each provider that are most important to the user.

The Quiz and Matching engine is typically marketed to users in the form of an intriguing, easy, non-committal “Take the Quiz” or “Get Matched Now” call-to-action. Our experience indicates that this call-to-action can significantly increase engagement and sign up conversion rates, when compared to a traditional provider search engine or a traditional sign up experience.

The Quiz and Matching Engine can be applied in any relationship-based service business where the quality pairing of users and providers is important. It can be used to augment search engines, replace traditional sign up flows, and enhance both local and national marketing efforts.

Visitors love quizzes

They’re short, easy to fill out, and provide immediate feedback and value.

Quizzes Educate & Establish Comfort

In a natural, incremental way. Without expecting visitors to watch a video or read lots of text.

Quizzes Feel Personal

Reinforces the feeling that the product or service is a good fit. “Ahh, this thing is for me.”

The features of the Quiz and Matching Engine include:

  • An engaging, easy-to-use experience. One-click to answer questions, attractive icons, and speedy interface.
  • Ability to present the user with any number of quiz questions, both practical and personal
  • Custom branding including logo, colors, fonts, and more
  • Support for multiple question formats and response types, including single choice (icon), multiple choice (icons), short text, long text, dropdown with autocomplete, and more.
  • Support for rich HTML, marketing copy, images, and other text within the Quiz experience
  • Tracking of marketing campaign data, including utm_source, utm_medium, and utm_campaign
  • Fully extensible with JavaScript to add custom features
  • Support for Webhooks to integrate with external applications and services via the HTTP POST or HTTP GET standard
  • Directly integrates with SalesForce Marketing Cloud, Microsoft Dynamics, HubSpot, and other third-party CRM software
  • Conditional logic, including the ability to hide/show questions and hide/show answer choices depending on prior user input
  • Integrated and easy-to-use reports and visualizations, enabling full exploration of all user inputted data.
  • Support for A/B Split Testing. Ability to assign a percentage of users to see a specific set of questions.
  • Dynamically display quiz questions and marketing content, based on the marketing campaign from which the user arrived
  • Ability to define thousands of matching factors by which users and providers will be paired
  • Ability to ingest the résumés, professional experiences, and personal experiences of tens of thousands of providers, each with their unique skills, hobbies, and lifestyle factors
  • For each provider, the ability to assign a numerical score for each matching factor.
  • Ability to create a rich and detailed profile for each provider
  • Calculates which providers might be the best fit for the user, taking into account the providers’ match score, capacity, and real-time availability
  • Dynamically personalizes the biography and description of each provider based on the user’s inputs. Makes it clear to the user why the provider is a great fit.
  • Easy-to-read quiz results page, showing the three providers that match best and empowering them to confidently choose a provider
  • Enhanced quiz results page that includes integrated scheduling and real-time availability.
  • Always improving. As users take the quiz, we better understand what they want. Scoring is adjusted and new providers are sourced.

User App: Easy Access and Rich Collaboration

Relationship-based businesses have historically depended on and required in-person meetings. While technology has enabled efficient collaboration in new ways, how do we recreate some of the richness, intimacy, and dense information exchange of in-person meetings?

We’ve taken some of the best ideas from text messaging, collaboration tools, and video chat tools and built a user app that makes it really easy for users to connect with their provider in the most convenient and personal ways.

We make it easy for users to informally text their provider anytime, just like they might text their friend or family member. And when necessary, schedule and meet over two-way HD-quality video chat.

The features of our User App include:

  • Native, modern application for iOS and Android
  • Web application, accessible by any web browser, from anywhere in the world
  • The ability for users to easily text their provider anytime, just like they might text a friend or family member
  • Support for emojis, photos, weblinks, PDFs, and video with smart preview
  • Multiple chat channels to structure conversations around certain topics
  • User-specific chat channels
  • Complete chat history, so every conversation continues where it left off
  • Full text search for each channel
  • Ability to have multiple users in one channel together (e.g. husband and wife), in addition to the provider and staff
  • Read receipts: Indicators and logging to show and assure that all important messages have been read
  • Robust notifications system, using in-app notifications, email notifications, and text message notifications, as necessary.
  • Built-in appointment scheduling when formal follow-ups are necessary
  • Integrated HD-quality video chat
  • Support for industry-specific dashboards (showing the user’s medical or financial records, for example)
  • Ability to automatically pull-in data from connected apps and devices
  • Integrated user account information, including membership and billing details

Provider App: Quality Handling of Hundreds of Paired Users

We enable providers to asynchronously work and collaborate with hundreds of paired users, from anywhere in the world. A full-featured command station.

With convenient mobile and desktop interfaces, providers can respond promptly to text messages, send files and structured data to users, conduct HD-quality video calls, and more.

The App is designed to efficiently fit into the busy lives of a Provider. It is suitable for those who are providing online services full-time and also those who are doing so part-time.

The features of our Provider App include:

  • Native, modern application for iOS and Android
  • Web application, accessible by any web browser, from anywhere in the world
  • Respond quickly and easily to user messages, at your desk and on the road
  • Support for text, emojis, photos, weblinks, PDFs, and video with smart preview
  • Ability to create custom chat channels on a per-user basis
  • Complete chat history, so every conversation continues where it left off
  • Full text search for each channel
  • Ability to invite other providers and staff into a chat channel
  • Read receipts: Indicators and logging to show and assure that important user messages have been read
  • Robust notifications system, using in-app notifications, email notifications, and text message notifications, as necessary.
  • Task management and to-dos for each user
  • Integrated HD-quality video chat
  • Quickly browse, search, and see all of your paired users
  • Dashboards that summarize your user panel: their recent activity, level of engagement, and more
  • Ability to see data from users’ connected apps and devices
  • Ability for a provider to send mass messages to users.
  • Integrated user data, including industry specific dashboards
  • Efficient appointment scheduling with automatic blocking of availability windows
  • Special handling of after-hours messages
  • Support for away messages and vacation handling
  • Ability to define a backup provider in case of vacation, emergency, or other unexpected availability
  • Integration with third-party CRM, Medical Records, and other systems that host user data
  • Integrated phone call handling and routing

Management & Operations: You’re In Control

We’ve built the tools that allow management and staff to oversee, operate, and scale a modern, tech-enabled service business.

See who is signing up in real-time. See which of the marketing activities are performing best. Understand how each of your providers is doing. Extract meaning from heaps of real-time data and run your business effectively.

The Management and Operations App features include:

  • Dashboard: overall performance today, yesterday, this month, last month, and all time
  • Dashboard: monthly acquisition of new users
  • Dashboard: monthly onboardings of those new users
  • Overview for each provider: all-time sign ups, onboarding, and retention
  • Engagement data for each provider: sign ups, active paying users, canceled users, cancellation rate, and other user and engagement statistics
  • Real-time sign up report, including the ability to filter by marketing and demographic factors
  • Membership terms report, indicating the type of membership plan for each user
  • Marketing Performance report, summarizing the results for a given time period and broken down by funnel status
  • Detailed user profile and user data, indicating every step of the user’s journey: when they signed up, by what marketing source, their status within the funnel, when they entered their payment method, their payment history, their engagement history, their associated accounts / family members, their chat usage statistics, and more.
  • Full management of users, providers, staff, and others who have access to the Platform
  • Support for alternative and backup providers (when a provider is on vacation, has an unexpected absence, or leaves permanently)
  • Cancellation report, showing pending cancellations, past cancellations, and cancellation reasons.
  • Ability to schedule cancellations into the future (based on the user’s membership plan)
  • Integrates with third-party Analytics tools, such as Google Analytics
  • Integrates with third-party CRM and customer support platforms
  • Integrates with third-party email remarketing platforms
  • Integrates with third-party connected apps and connected device platforms
  • Payment Alerts: Indicates preauthorization issues and regular payment issues
  • Urgent List: Kanban-type interface to keep track of users who made a scheduling request, missed their appointment, or needs to reschedule
  • Detailed capacity report for each provider and for each state. Real-time analysis and benchmarking for each state, factoring in the population of that state.
  • Upcoming New User Appointments, in both list and calendar formats. Status of each user.
  • Upcoming Follow Up Appointments in both list and calendar formats. Status of each user.
  • Integration with third-party calendars and Appointment management systems
  • Unread message notifications, indicating which users might not be receiving or reading messages
  • Management of marketing partners and promotion codes for each that can be tied to a pricing plan, coupon, or discount
  • Automated sign up attribution and user-reported attribution data. Understand from which marketing channel was the user acquired.
  • Automated reminders to user and provider, without losing the personal touch

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