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Why Top Functional Fitness Athletes Trust SteadyMD Doctors

June 11, 2019 By

Have you ever had your doctor tell you your BMI is too high? Or that weightlifting is a terrible idea? That fat is not good for you? Some of the top functional fitness athletes, including Mat Fraser, chose SteadyMD doctors to help optimize performance and keep them healthy long-term. Why? We’ll let them tell you.



“I don’t care to get labs/blood work drawn.. if I feel great, I run with it. I recently messaged my SteadyMD doctor out of curiosity about a food sensitivity, instead of suggesting testing, he sent me a ton of information on elimination diets. THIS is the type of relationship everyone deserves to have with their doctor.”  -Mat Fraser, 3x CrossFit Games Champion


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“Being an athlete, affiliate owner, and mom, I really don’t make a lot of time for myself to go see a doctor. SteadyMD allows me to be proactive in my health for the first time in a really long time. Now that I have my son I want to make sure that I am 100% healthy for him.”  Lindesy Valenzuela, CrossFit Competitor 



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“My mind is at ease knowing I have access to high quality, personalized medical care, 24/7. No more sitting in a waiting room for hours, then being rushed through a brief visit and sent on my way with a generalized diagnosis.” Becca Voigt, 11x CrossFIt Games Competitor


SteadyMD pairs you with a doctor that is right for you and your specific medical concerns, dietary preferences and lifestyle – completely online. SteadyMD doctors see a limited number of patients and have time to really get to know you and help you get to the root cause of illness with no waiting, co-pays or surprise bills. Unlimited call, text & video chat anytime, from anywhere.

Want a doctor who “gets” things like training, recovery and performance optimization? Or just a doctor who takes a whole-person approach to health and really gets to know you and your goals? Click here to get started with SteadyMD.