“There is great energy and camaraderie at SteadyMD. The support I get from colleagues and leaders activates my own engagement. I feel at home here among this forward-looking, growing, and tech-savvy team.”
Jeff K., MD

“I have seen many other companies succumb to monetary pressures sacrificing quality of care and physician satisfaction, but SteadyMD always puts patient care, the clinicians, and employee wellness first.”
Allison V., MD

“I love how SteadyMD always puts the patient first and foremost in every encounter, and we have built our clinical framework to protect and uphold the sacred doctor-patient relationship.”
Chardonnay V., MD

Focus on Patient Care

Physicians can focus on providing high-quality patient care through a variety of modalities, while SteadyMD takes care of the rest. There may also be opportunities to serve in other capacities:

  • Serve as a program-specific Clinical Lead
  • Conduct chart reviews
  • Contribute to quality improvement initiatives
  • Develop clinical protocols
  • Serve as a Subject Matter Expert
  • Supervision of advanced practice practitioners (NPs and PAs)

Why Work With Us?

Make a

Physicians have had a critical seat at the table at SteadyMD since day one. Physician leadership provides valuable input on all clinical protocols and contributes to program-specific and company-wide descision-making.

Welcoming Community
of Physicians

Become part of a strong, supportive network of culturally diverse, highly experienced clinicians. We offer a true team experience, with town hall meetings, professional development, and a messaging platform to share ideas, resources, and connections.

Flexibility &

Practice from anywhere with a schedule you choose. We’ll match you with program opportunities that align with your interests, skill set, and ideal schedule.

Doctor Clinician Close-Ups

Our clinicians are the driving force of our organization. It’s easy to forget they have lives behind the lab coats. Here we take a behind-the-scenes look at the person behind the practice.

Clinician Close-Up

Dr. Sarah Simmons

Family Medicine Physician

Dr. Sarah Simmons joined SteadyMD in 2023, bringing passion for increasing healthcare access through telemedicine. Her creative, holistic approach makes her an excellent telehealth provider.

Clinician Close-Up

Dr. Chardonnay Vance

Family Medicine Physician

Dr. Vance discusses how she arrived at SteadyMD and her guiding principles for operating a successful telemedicine service that benefits both patients and clinicians.

Clinician Close-Up

Dr. Josh Emdur

SteadyMD Chief Medical Officer

Josh Emdur, DO, has two roles at SteadyMD: physician and Chief Medical Officer. His days are busy providing leadership to empower other clinicians to conduct their most meaningful work and providing high-quality care to his patients.

Clinician Close-Up

Dr. Dani Urcuyo

Functional Medicine Physician

Dr. Urcuyo is a SteadyMD Medical Director and functional medicine physician. He takes a broader approach to patient treatment plans in hopes of getting to the root cause of an underlying condition.

Clinician Close-Up

Dr. Danielle DonDiego

Family Medicine Physician

Dr. DonDiego is a family medicine physician with four years of medical training, in addition to three years of residency work. She is also board-certified in obesity medicine.

Clinician Close-Up

Dr. Alec Weir

Functional Medicine Physician

Dr. Weir is a SteadyMD doctor who also offers his physician services for all operations and training with the Saginaw County SWAT/Emergency Services Team. He is a hands-on dad to his two young children.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the recruiting process work?
After your application is reviewed, you’ll be invited to complete a 1-way video interview. If selected, you will have a brief interview with a member of our recruiting team. The last step in the interview process is a brief clinical interview with one of our clinician leads. After the interviews are complete, you’ll be sent a conditional offer and be connected with our credentialing team. Our credentialing team will work with you to complete background checks and credentialing. Once background checks and credentialing are complete, you’ll be sent an official employment offer and contract.
What does a day in the life look like for a SteadyMD physician?
We have several different program opportunities available. Some of our programs include longer, synchronous sessions, and some include quick asynchronous visits. We have a range of programs that include urgent care, primary care, mental health care, and condition-specific care. We’re always adding new opportunities!
How does compensation/billing work?
SteadyMD handles all billing and compensates all clinicians on a monthly basis and varies based on clinician’s level, licensure, program and visit type. There are some opportunities for administrative-based compensation on an as-needed basis. Additionally, all required training is paid at a separate, non-clinical rate.
Do you provide medical assistants for providers?
SteadyMD has a team of both medical assistants and program operations associates for physicians to assist with scheduling, finding local referrals, and ensuring smooth clinical workflow.
How does onboarding work?
SteadyMD has two levels of onboarding: one at the company level when you join the SteadyMD Care Team and when you onboard to specific programs. Once your contract is signed with SteadyMD, you will be invited to complete the required training for hire. You will be connected with our onboarding team who will walk you through the steps in the onboarding process.
Are there opportunities for full-time or part-time salaried positions?
We are not currently hiring for full-time or part-time salaried positions.
Do physicians receive benefits through SteadyMD?
All clinicians receive paid training, assistance with scheduling and administration, and malpractice insurance, including tail coverage.