Current Clinician Job Openings

Fetching careers...

We know you’ve worked hard in your career.

We recognize your individuality and that you may have felt like a commodity in the past. You deserve to work in an environment where you are respected, supported by colleagues, empowered with resources, and rewarded with competitive pay and a career filled with purpose.

We are a community of healthcare workers who are passionate about improving access to healthcare by utilizing cutting-edge care modalities.

Whether you are a physician who wants to participate in telehealth, a mental health therapist expanding your ability to provide care, a doctor hoping to create a schedule that works for your family, or a nurse practitioner that wants to have unrushed visits with your patients, SteadyMD can help you achieve your personal and professional goals.

We believe that happy clinicians make for happy and well-cared for patients.

We will match online care opportunities with your experience, schedule, and needs.

Our partners are digital health companies, labs, pharmacies, employers, and other healthcare innovators.

SteadyMD handles the front office, electronic medical record, and licensing in additional states. You just focus on what you do best — delivering high-quality healthcare.

A Variety of Opportunities

Urgent care video visits
Prescription review and approvals
Lab and medical device review and approvals
Remote video counseling
Phone appointments
Text and chat consults
Clinician leadership roles on partner programs

How It Works


Apply to Join Our Clinician Network

Tell us about yourself, your goals, and your interests. We review your application, conduct background and reference checks, then credential you as a trusted member of our network. Here’s a look at what is needed for credentialing.


Get Matched to Online Care Opportunities

After joining the SteadyMD Care Team, you will be matched to programs based on your interests, experience, schedule, and our partners’ needs.


Onboard to Your Choice of Program(s)

We’ll prepare and train you for each telehealth program. We’ll cover best practices, clinical protocols, and technology. We’ll support you each step of the way and connect you with other clinicians on your programs.

Why Join the SteadyMD Care Team

SteadyMD is Your Supportive Partner

We will offer you a variety of online care opportunities and remote work modalities (e.g., live video appointments, asynchronous messaging, on-demand vs. scheduled). We will get you licensed in additional states, if applicable.

Clinicians Leading Clinicians

We have strong clinical leadership at various levels of the company, ensuring that the clinician voice is rooted in the key decisions of SteadyMD. This has been intentionally ingrained into the company culture since our start in 2016.

Increasing Access and Promoting Equitable Health Outcomes

Telehealth allows you to help more people across the U.S. than ever before. Join our team of culturally responsive, highly knowledgeable clinicians to help address the inequities in healthcare today.

SteadyMD is Your Supportive Partner

We will offer you a variety of online care opportunities and remote work modalities (e.g., live video appointments, asynchronous messaging, on-demand vs. scheduled). We will get you licensed in additional states, if applicable.

Flexibility and Convenience

Practice the way you want from anywhere, according to your schedule. We’ll match you with opportunities that align with your interests, skill set, and ideal schedule.

Focus on Patient Care, Not Paperwork

We’ll take care of the complicated, administrative, behind-the-scenes stuff, while helping you stay on top of regulations and CME requirements in each state. So you can focus on your patients and have a healthy work-life balance.

Be Part of a Community of Like-Minded Professionals

Telehealth can be very isolating. We provide tools, resources, and spaces for learning that ensure you are part of a larger SteadyMD clinician community for support and professional growth.

Clinician Close-Ups

Clinicians are the lifeblood of our organization. Get to know some of them.

Clinician Close-Up

Dr. Sarah Simmons

Family Medicine Physician

Dr. Sarah Simmons joined SteadyMD in 2023, bringing passion for increasing healthcare access through telemedicine. Her creative, holistic approach makes her an excellent telehealth provider.

Clinician Close-Up

Dr. Chardonnay Vance

Family Medicine Physician

Dr. Vance discusses how she arrived at SteadyMD and her guiding principles for operating a successful telemedicine service that benefits both patients and clinicians.

Clinician Close-Up

Lara Kunowski, FNP

Nurse Practitioner

Lara Kunowski, FNP, shares what she loves most about being a nurse, the work-life benefits of the virtual care model, and what about telemedicine she finds exciting.

Clinician Close-Up

Lance Johns, LMFT

Marriage & Family Therapist

Lance Johns, LMFT, who has been through a lot of the same experiences as his clients, talks about how he relates to their problems and how telehealth has helped the client/therapist relationship.

Clinician Close-Up

Dr. Josh Emdur

SteadyMD Chief Medical Officer

Josh Emdur, DO, has two roles at SteadyMD: physician and Chief Medical Officer. His days are busy providing leadership to empower other clinicians to conduct their most meaningful work and providing high-quality care to his patients.

Clinician Close-Up

Pam Vecchio, FNP

Nurse Practitioner

You might think living in a small town, isolated from the hustle and bustle of big cities would be boring. However, family nurse practitioner Pamela Vecchio leads a life in rural Montana that’s far from boring!

Clinician Close-Up

Sean Roche, FNP

Nurse Practitioner

Here we talk to SteadyMD nurse practitioner Sean Roche, who shares his perspective on how SteadyMD is different from other telehealth platform companies.


Have a valuable leadership role within the SteadyMD Care Team in addition to providing the highest quality of patient care.

Nurse Practitioners

Have the opportunity to work on a variety of patient programs with flexible working hours that align with their personal interests.


Have the option to work across various therapy modalities or more specialized programs, such as ADHD and OCD.