Online visits: video, phone, and text

Doctor visits, nurse practitioner visits, therapy sessions, and teleproctoring. Sync and async visits.

Urgent care

Clinicians available on-demand and scheduled. Prescriptions, labs, and follow-ups as needed.

Full service primary care

Ongoing care with the same doctor each visit. Patients and doctors matched based on needs and interests.

Lab order review and approval

Ensuring lab orders are clinically appropriate and approving them in all 50 states.

Prescription review and approval

Ensuring prescriptions are clinically appropriate and approving them in all 50 states.

Medical device review and approval

Medical device requests reviewed by our doctors and approved if medically appropriate.

Treatment plans

Reviewing patient data, including medical history, and developing personalized treatment plans.


Connecting with a patient and overseeing their use of a lab test or medical device.

Example of How it Works:

Prescription Review and Approval


Patient requests a prescription

Through your website or app.  An intake form captures the patients symptoms and medical history.


SteadyMD receives the request

Through our Telehealth API or other secure methods.


Request is routed to clinician

A clinician who is trained on your program, licensed in the state where patient is located, and available right now.


SteadyMD clinician reviews request

Clinician reviews all patient information, including intake data.


SteadyMD clinician writes the prescription

If medically appropriate. Approval status is sent to you via API.


In addition…

Based on your needs and goals, we can power real-time messaging between clinician and patient, online visits with a clinician, and much more.

Let’s talk about your patient experience