Send Patient Details

Name, date of birth, email, state, and other key identifiers

Request a Sync
or Async Consult

Routed to a clinician assigned to your program and licensed in the state where the patient is located

Two-way Messaging

Ability for patients and clinicians to exchange text-based messages

Send Patient Intake Information

Question/answer data from your intake experience

See Clinician Availability

A list of open time slots over the coming days and weeks

Status Updates

Including “assigned to clinician,” “completed,” “cancelled,” “referred out,” and more

Send Images
and Documents

Attach lab results, past medical records, and more for clinician review

Schedule or Cancel a Consult

Lock-in a particular day or time or release a previously scheduled day or time

Get Detail and Summary Data

For reporting purposes. Consults, SLA’s, and more

Our full-featured APIs were designed with ease of integration in mind. They are used to create patient records, attach intake forms and diagnostics, and request care from our clinicians for your patients.

You can quickly generate libraries in a variety of languages, including Ruby, Python, JavaScript, and more.

Limited API Integration: Quick Start

Uses your EMR to host patient data and clinician workflow. You create visits in our system that link to your EMR. Our clinicians will pickup these visits from our Digital Clinic, but the work happens in your system.

Complete API Integration: Increased Efficiency

Uses our EMR to host your patient data. You create a patient in our system, then create a reason for the visit, attach any questionnaire and diagnostic data that you have to the intake form, and request a visit. Work happens in our system.

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