We want to make healthcare administration easier for healthcare organizations by handling time-consuming tasks, such as clinician credentialing, licensing, payer enrollment, and renewals. So our partners (including digital healthcare companies, group practices, and urgent care clinics) can focus on outcomes, revenue, and access to care.

Did you know?

In year 1 for a telehealth practice with 50 clinicians, there are typically 8,000 credentialing-related actions required.


How We Work

Services We Offer

Rather than asking clinicians to fill out dozens of lengthy application forms with duplicate information, we developed a smart, universal application form that enables clinicians to submit their information once and easily update, limiting data entry and reducing the administrative burden across all of our services.


Quickly onboard clinicians based on the highest credentialing standards.

  • Primary source verification
  • Automated verifications
  • Re-credentialing
State Licensing

State Licensing

Increase clinician capacity by cross-licensing any clinician in any state quickly and easily.

  • State licensing & renewals
  • DEA licensing & renewals
  • CSR licensing & renewals

Provider Enrollment

Easily enroll clinicians with multiple payers – commercial insurance companies and Medicare and Medicaid – at once.

  • Initial enrollment
  • Maintenance
  • CAQH updates
Provider Enrollment

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