About SteadyMD

Our patients develop a personal relationship with a doctor who provides long-term, preventative care tailored to their particular needs, interests, and conditions. Our technology platform allows for comfortable and efficient collaboration between patients and doctors via web, mobile, phone, text, and video chat interfaces.

Traditional Primary Care Doctors Have
Too Many Patients, Not Enough Time

Usually 2,000 to 5,000 patients.
Little time per patient – an average of 11 minutes per visit.

Often resulting in a poor patient experience that is generally unsatisfying, both physically and emotionally.

SteadyMD is Not Urgent Care. Not a Random Doctor.

Because of the decline in quality in primary care services, consumers are turning to Urgent Care, both offline and online. As a result, when they have a medical issue, they mostly see a random doctor; a stranger that doesn’t know them at all. While these Urgent Care Services are very convenient and widely available, they generally treat the patient’s immediate symptoms, not the underlying issues.

SteadyMD offers a doctor that really knows you, has time to manage your care, and has time to tackle complex issues, chronic issues, and behavior change.

SteadyMD Doctors Have More Time to Think About You

Each SteadyMD doctor serves a limited number of patients and has significantly more time to dedicate to each patient. SteadyMD doctors develop a personal relationship with each patient, one at a time. If it’s important to you, it’s important to your SteadyMD.

The Management Team

Leaders in Technology and Healthcare

Guy Friedman

Co-Founder and CEO

Wharton MBA
BA and MA Economics from Tufts
HigherNext, Founder and CEO
(Acquired by ProctorU)

Yarone Goren

Co-Founder and COO

BS Computer Science
Iteration Group, Founder and CEO
Zumbox, Co-Founder and COO
Academy123, Co-Founder and VP Product
(Acquired by Discovery Communications)

Scott Soerries MD

Medical Director

National Medical Director,
Walgreens Health Care Clinics
Medical Director,
Total Access Urgent Care
Regional Medical Director,
Take Care Health Systems