The holiday season can be magical, full of love, and saturated with family & holiday cheer.

It can also be stressful af. When you combine stress with plentiful holiday food options, over-eating to cope with all the pressures can be a tempting option.

Here are some tips to keep your health on track from SteadyMD Dr. Tania Elliott:

  • Separate food from feelings. Try not to punish yourself for eating something “unhealthy” or “eating too much.”
  • Don’t make any drastic changes to your diet during the holidays such as fasting or taking on a vigorous exercise plan. Instead, focus on lifestyle changes that you can commit to for the long term.
  • Try not to be pressured by what other people are saying or doing around food. It’s okay to indulge if you want to, or to decline something that you don’t want. Just because Aunt Sue makes her famous pumpkin pie once a year, doesn’t mean you have to eat it.
  • Put down your fork between bites so that you can give your stomach a chance to send your brain signals of fullness.
  • Try to focus on the food itself: take time to enjoy the aroma, texture, and flavor instead of speed-eating through to the next course.
  • If you are feeling uncomfortable, take breaks from the dinner table instead of burying yourself in your plate.

If you’re interesting in improving your diet or any aspect of your health in the new year, we strongly recommend you get a partner on your side who can provide answers you need, listen to you when you have a health issue, and support you in your health goals.

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Happy holidays!

Hi, I’m Dr. Tania Elliott.

I’m an Internal Medicine physician as well as an Allergist / Immunologist.

I work closely with patients to figure out what may be causing their symptoms, and then create an ongoing plan to keep them symptom free!