Remember when you were a kid and regularly got physicals and check-ups? Maybe the days of seeing your pediatrician are long gone, but regular check-ins with a doctor should not be a thing of your past!

Regular check-ins with a trusted doctor are key to:
  • catch issues before they worsen into serious health problems
  • optimize your daily feelings of wellness
  • have someone credible to answer your health questions
  • discuss your health goals and build a plan
  • get lab work, prescriptions, exams, and more as needed
  • have a doctor available who already knows you and your health history
  • take care of any symptoms that may arise


SteadyMD’s proprietary data suggests that most U.S. adults don’t see a primary care doctor regularly. Yet, studies have shown that preventive care (the type of proactive care offered by the doctors at SteadyMD) can save you significant expenses related to medical costs, sick days, and lost productivity over time. Furthermore, patients who experience a trusting, collaborative relationship with their primary care doctor are more likely to report positive feedback and additional benefits from their care.

According to educators at Harvard Medical School, “The best PCPs are great communicators who work in teams that keep the patient at the center of all diagnostic and treatment activities.”

When you have a primary care provider (PCP) who keeps you informed and involved when it comes to your health, the better your experience and results are likely to be. Furthermore, when that doctor already aligns with your lifestyle, has similar interests, and knows how to guide you in the areas of health that are most important to you, you can make real positive progress in your health goals.

This is why SteadyMD personalizes the entire primary care experience by proactively matching you with a doctor who aligns with your life and will really “get” you.

Don’t know where to get a primary care doctor during the times of COVID? SteadyMD was built for you! It’s completely online and you connect with your doctor over unlimited messaging, calls, and video chats.

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