As the new coronavirus continues to spread, U.S. hospitals are experiencing high levels of demand and limited number of beds available. The overwhelm of hospitals is only expected to increase.

Telemedicine has proven an effective and useful way to help provide care to patients, especially while in-person care is becoming more limited.

What is telemedicine?

Telemedicine is the use of technology to provide care at a distance.

According to the CDC, telehealth is a promising public health tool because of its:

    • potentially significant impact on medically under-served populations through increased access
    • increasing prevalence as a recognized standard of care
    • influence on the provider-patient relationship
    • potential to save billions of dollars in healthcare expenditures


During the coronavirus crisis, we are seeing the utility of telemedicine in action, as it assists in helping lessen the spread of the virus.


“The use of telemedicine is going to be critical for management of this pandemic.”

– Dr. Stephen Parodi, an infectious disease specialist and executive with The Permanente Medical Group.


Through the use of remote services (phone or computer), patients can get guidance on precautions they should take before they venture out to a crowded hospital or clinic.

With SteadyMD, a telemedicine service built on quality patient-doctor relationships, people are paired with specific doctors based on their medical concerns, existing conditions, and goals. Members see the same doctor every time, with whom they can do regular check-ins, get referrals to local health facilities when and if needed, and get guidance on what to do based on their symptoms and questions.


When an in-person visit to a health clinic is not necessary, patients can use telemedicine to avoid going to busy waiting rooms where they could risk further infection.

Virtual care has its limits, of course. When in-person care is needed, a SteadyMD doctor can direct you to a health professional in your area. Because our doctors see a limited number of patients, they have sufficient time to provide thorough care for each. Furthermore, SteadyMD medical assistants retrieve and maintain each member’s health records in one place, help arrange appointments with local specialists, and arrange any necessary tests or procedures. Your first appointment will be a one-hour-long video chat, then you will have unlimited access to your doctor through text, call, or video chat. To get started today, go here and take the patient-doctor matching quiz.

If you have questions about telemedicine or SteadyMD, call us at (800) 449-4280 or email [email protected].