Health trends like short-term diets and intense exercise programs can have their place, but at SteadyMD we’re really in it for the long haul. Through partnering you with a dedicated doctor who “gets” you and your lifestyle, it’s our mission to help you reach your best health ever.

Below are 5 tips that can help shape 2021 into the launching pad for your healthiest year ever.

Partner Up

In the time of COVID, many people are feeling more isolated than ever. It’s important for your mental health and perseverance in your goals to have people who support you and keep you accountable for your healthy habits. And you can do the same for them!

If your goal is to walk 10,000 steps a day, challenge a friend to do the same and you can compare how you did at the end of each day. If a healthier diet is your priority, find an online recipe exchange group and share photos of your own creations. Want to meditate more? Try an online class and get a friend or loved one to try it with you.

Reach out! You’re more likely to stick to your goals when you’re part of a community that mutually motivates and supports one another.

Set One Goal Each Month

Sometimes quarantine can feel never-ending. A great trick is to divide this time into chapters. What goal do you want to accomplish this month? Maybe it’s getting more fit, trying a plant-based diet, or learning a new language. The goals don’t have to be overtly health-focused to be healthy.

At SteadyMD, we believe in a well-rounded healthy lifestyle. When you consistently set and accomplish goals, you feel good about yourself and are motivated to take the next step as your healthiest self.

Master Your Sleep

Sleep is essential for restoring your energy levels, repairing bodily tissues, and releasing hormones for growth and development. A consistent quality night’s sleep will help you focus and operate at your best the next day.

For many, the lack of their usual routine during COVID has thrown sleeping patterns into disarray. However, if you consciously tune your sleep habits to align with your natural circadian rhythm, you will benefit from more energy and focus. Try aligning your sleep patterns with the sun: wake up when it wakes up, and wind down when it winds down. Getting exposed to daylight early in the day helps set the tone for your internal clock to better regulate when it should be alert and when it should rest.

If you’re a night owl type, try a nighttime routine. This is a ritual that signals to your body and mind that it’s time to wind down and prepare for rest. For more sleep tips, check out The Sleep Foundation’s guidelines to getting a good night’s sleep.

Move First Thing in the Morning

Try this: each morning before you even check your phone, get some movement in. This doesn’t have to be intense or sweaty; it doesn’t have to be geared directly towards weight loss or another specific objective. Instead, try moving for the sake of it feeling good.

This could mean a ten-minute freestyle yoga session. Maybe you walk around the neighborhood. Stretching, jogging, push-ups — the possibilities are endless! Starting your day by moving your body sets you up for healthier choices throughout the day. And it’s great for your mental health.

Bonus points if you move before even checking your phone! Make it a daily goal.

Take Care of Your Health From the Inside Out

We all want to look good, but feeling good is what really counts. And outer appearance doesn’t always represent internal wellness. This is why it’s so important to regularly check in with a doctor. Monitor your energy, get your bloodwork done, get any symptoms assessed right away, and get a partner to lead you in best practices for your individual health.

At SteadyMD, you don’t just get to talk to a random doctor for 10 minutes. You get matched with a doctor who becomes a partner in your long-term health. Our personalized matching quiz guarantees that you match with a doctor who aligns with your lifestyle, diet, and goals; has availability for you; and is licensed in your state. From there, you can set up an appointment anytime you need to reconnect. Benefit from unlimited messaging, calls, and video chats. It’s like a direct line to a friend who’s a doctor and is invested in your individual wellbeing.

Take the quiz and see who your doctor match would be.


While these tips may not seem as glitzy as trying a new diet or buying expensive new exercise equipment, they work. Small efforts when committed to, will pay off big over time. The name of the game is doing things that improve your health one step at a time and make you feel good.

Once you experience those benefits, you’ll naturally begin choosing healthier lifestyle behaviors. It’s the healthy habit snowball effect and it works.