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About Dr. Jason Valadao

Thanks for stopping by. I am eager to help you take charge of your personal wellness. I went into medicine because I wanted to help people change their lives and maximize their performance. As a two-time cancer survivor, with a spouse who has suffered from multiple auto-immune diseases (but is thriving and never looks back), and two children, I believe my background in family and sports medicine (this includes artists, musicians, and gamers), with an additional emphasis on women’s health, allows me to provide a patient-centered and individualized integrative and alternative approach to health and wellness that is exactly what you need to design and live your best life.

I currently serve in the United States Navy, previously as an aviator flying off of aircraft carriers, and now as a physician. In 2019, I published my first book Exceptional Every Day, which is empowering people across the globe to take charge of their lives, reset their priorities and live the life that they truly desire. From helping you implement an exercise routine, to deciding which diet is best (Ketogenic, Mediterranean, Paleo, etc), to overcoming various mental health conditions, and correcting poor sleep habits, I will be on the journey with you.

Thanks to my experience as an athlete competing in everything from basketball and soccer, to 5ks, Ultramarathons and Ironmans, working within the CrossFit community, and along with my military background, I believe my experience is ideal for someone looking to maximize their performance. As a certified nutrition coach with Precision Nutrition, a certified personal trainer, and a personal development coach, I truly am able to help people become the healthiest, versions of themselves.

I am blessed to be a part of the SteadyMD team, where we take a proactive and preventative approach to medicine, versus a reactionary one where medications and procedures are prescribed without digging deeper into why a particular condition is present in the first place. I don’t think any medical team outside of us is doing it better.

With tailored medical care, exercise routines, nutritional plans, stress management, sleep mitigation, and personal development, I truly believe that you can be the healthiest and happiest version of you. Together, we can find a personalized approach to health and wellness that works for your unique situation.

As a physician who is board-certified in Emergency Medicine as well as emergency medical services, being a part of the SteadyMD team is truly an honor. At SteadyMD, the emphasis is foremost on the relationship between patient and physician, something that can be lost in traditional care settings. Here, we can take a proactive and preventative approach to medicine, versus a reactionary one and I don’t believe any medical team is doing it better.

SteadyMD Primary Care is now Lemonaid Primary Care Complete

New Name. Same Great Service.
The entire experience continues to be powered by SteadyMD.

How Lemonaid Primary Care Complete Works


We’ll partner you with the perfect doctor

Based on your medical needs, personal interests, goals, and other important parts of your life, we will partner you with the doctor that is perfect for you.


Have your comprehensive first appointment

You and your doctor will connect over two-way video chat for about an hour. You’ll really get to know each other and together, develop a plan to monitor and manage your health.


A real relationship with your doctor, available anytime

Call, text, or video chat your doctor anytime. Every conversation continues where you left off. Your doctor knows you, is always at hand, and is part of your life.