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About Dr. Lyla Blake

Hi, I’m Dr. Lyla Blake, a board-certified Family Medicine physician with a background in Integrative and Functional Medicine. I have practiced medicine for 23 years within a wide range of settings including private, academic, and now, telemedicine. While I’ve adopted a primarily Integrative and Functional Medicine approach for the past 7 years, I continue to utilize evidence-based practices for chronic disease management, when appropriate. I am flexitarian and well-versed in incorporating dietary and lifestyle changes into my treatment plans in order to help patients achieve optimal wellness and healthy aging.

My practice involves actually listening to patients and involving them actively in the decision-making process.

In my free time, I love to travel and spend time with my three children. I love running and yoga and anything to keep my body moving. In addition to English, I speak both Spanish and Portuguese and have spent time in Central America, Brazil, and Cape Verde. I am accepting both Spanish and Portuguese speaking patients!

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