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About Dr. Robert Galamaga

Dr. Robert Galamaga is a board-certified internal medicine physician. His medical philosophy revolves around the idea that a holistic, integrative approach is the nucleus of optimized general health and that it best serves his patients’ needs.

Dr. Robert grew up with a great level of respect for medicine. He was diagnosed with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis and spent many days in and out of clinics and hospitals until the age of 14. This fueled his desire, and ultimate reality, of becoming a practicing physician.

He generally encourages his patients to follow Paleo, keto, vegetarian, or gluten-free diets, all with careful monitoring. He knows these diets can be challenging to follow, so he likes to discuss lifestyle and nutritional goals with his patients before they start.

Out of the office, Dr. Robert enjoys traveling, cycling, running, and playing soccer with his wife. He comes from a Navy family and is familiar with treating the many issues that veterans and active-duty military members face. In the future, he hopes to develop a model of healthcare that promotes patient wellness and enthusiasm to achieve optimal health.

He graduated from medical school at Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine and has completed multiple fellowships in transfusion, blood banking, hematology, and oncology. He often provides consultative services for chemotherapy, immunotherapy, oncolytic drug, and hematologic treatments, as well.

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