SteadyMD for Employers.

Save Money. Better Care.

For Your Employees

A Concierge Doctor, Online

For primary and preventative care.

  • No co-pays. Their same doctor, available anytime.
  • Personal attention of a doctor who “gets them”
  • Tailored to their life & specific medical needs
  • Unlimited texting. Available anytime, anywhere.
  • Same-day phone call & video chat appointments
  • True preventative care. Not just a quick fix.
  • All of their medical records in one place

Plus, Customized Health Insurance

Self-insured plans and traditional health insurance plans via our partners.

  • Plans specifically tailored for your company and your employees
  • Affordable, ACA compliant self-funded plans
  • Minimum Essential Coverage (MEC) plans
  • Major Medical health plans
  • Brand new plans
  • Enhancements to your current plans

You Can Save 30% or More on Your Employee Health Insurance

Each Employee Gets a Concierge Online Doctor

We’ll partner each employee with the perfect doctor

Based on their medical needs, personal interests, goals, and other important parts of their life, we will partner them with the SteadyMD doctor that’s right for them.

A comprehensive first appointment

Your employees and their SteadyMD doctor will connect over two-way video chat for about an hour. They’ll really get to know each other and together, develop a plan to monitor and manage your employee’s health.

A real relationship with their doctor, available anytime

Your employees can call, text, or video chat with their doctor anytime. Every conversation continues where it left off. Their doctor knows them, is always at hand, and is part of their life.

Their Doctor Really Gets to Know Them

During their first appointment with their doctor, they will:

  • Review their medical history and family history
  • Discuss their medical questions and concerns
  • Go into detail about their diet, exercise, sleep, work, and the other important parts of their life
  • Order relevant lab tests and get a detailed snapshot of their health
  • Retrieve their medical records from past doctors and hospitals.

Always There for Your Employees

Your employees can call, text, or video chat with their doctor anytime, on any device. Every conversation continues where it left off. Their doctor knows them, is always at hand, and is part of their life.

If you your employee is sick or injured, their doctor is here to help. In minutes, they can prescribe medications and have them sent to their local pharmacy. At no additional cost, their doctor can consult with a team of specialists including dermatologists, cardiologists, and neurologists. If needed, their doctor will refer them to a specialist nearby and will oversee all of their care.

Proactive preventative care, too. Based on your employee’s age, goals and personal medical situation, their doctor will recommend ways to catch small problems before they turn into big problems.

A Complete Health Care Solution

In addition to their SteadyMD doctor, your employees get the support of a full medical team that:

  • Retrieves and maintains all of their health records, past and present.
  • Finds the right local specialists, ensures they are available, and schedules appointments with them.
  • Arranges prescriptions, labs, x-rays, and others tests and procedures.

Common Questions About SteadyMD

On demand doctor services are generally not setup to allow patients to form long-lasting relationships with their doctors. Typically, when you use an on-demand doctor app you are paired with a random doctor who does not know you or your medical history. In contrast, with SteadyMD, you are always connected with the same doctor (hopefully for many years), who really knows you and the specific issues that are relevant to your care.

Your SteadyMD doctor oversees and manages all of your care, helping you navigate your health plan and the entire health care system.  Saving you time and money along the way.

Contact with SteadyMD doctors is completely through secure text, phone, and video chat.

With modern technology, we are able to treat most acute and chronic conditions, completely online.

In fact, we believe that our care is often much better than traditional care because your SteadyMD doctor can give you more time and attention. Additionally, your doctor is available at your convenience. No driving or waiting.

If your SteadyMD doctor thinks you should be seen in person, they will direct you to a local specialist or urgent care facility. Your doctor will then communicate with the person that examined you and carefully go over all the details with you. If lab tests are needed, you will be directed to a local testing facility.

You can securely text your SteadyMD doctor anytime. Your doctor will respond to their text messages at various points throughout the day. Also, you may schedule a same-day phone call or video chat appointment.

Yes. All of our doctors are licensed physicians and can prescribe a wide range of medications available in a traditional office setting.

We do not prescribe opioids, narcotics, and other controlled substances (but can coordinate your care with a specialist when these are necessary).

Just like a traditional primary care doctor. We will send you to Quest, LabCorp, or any other convenient local facility. Your SteadyMD doctor will get the results right away, review them with you, and follow up as needed.

You would run these visits through your health insurance. If you don’t have insurance, we can help you get a discounted cash price.

No. All you need is a computer or smartphone. The device must have a reliable internet connection and a camera (for video chat).

Traditional primary care doctors simply don’t have time for you. They have about 2,500 patients and must see about 30 patients per day to meet their quota. The average patient visit? 15 minutes.

SteadyMD is a completely new approach to primary care. Our doctors see a limited number of patients, so they can give you the time and attention you deserve. Our service is completely online, which means that you get comprehensive, personalized care from anywhere in the world, on any device. Your SteadyMD doctor is your partner in health, long-term.

Common Questions About Health Insurance

We offer through our partners:

  • ACA compliant, self-funded Minimum Essential Coverage (MEC) plans.  These plans are an affordable options to employers, fully equipped with preventive care, no limitations, and generic prescriptions.
  • A variety of customizable Major Medical health plans. Designed specifically for your company and offering preventative care, hospitalizations, prescriptions, and more.

Yes. We can add-on SteadyMD to your existing health benefits program in two ways:

  • Simply making SteadyMD available to each of your employees for a monthly fee.
  • Designing a new health insurance plan for your company (with or without the same exact benefits you offer today) and bundle-in SteadyMD.

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