1. Choose a Doctor Who’s Perfect For You

Browse Doctors By Your Needs and Interests

SteadyMD doctors each serve a limited number of patients and are appropriate for anyone who is looking for a new primary care doctor. Additionally, many of our doctors focus on patients who have specific medical conditions (such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and allergies), specific dietary preferences (vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free), and specific lifestyles (weightlifters, runners, triathletes).

Choose One Who’s Best For You

As you browse you’ll get a sense of each SteadyMD doctor. You’ll learn a bit about how they think, how they serve their patients, and what they’re like. You’ll be able to choose a doctor with the confidence that they are right for you. Now you’re ready to really get started and schedule your comprehensive first appointment.


2. Get Your SteadyMD Doctor Up-To-Speed

Have a Comprehensive “First Appointment”

Typically 60 minutes and conducted via two-way video chat, your SteadyMD doctor will carefully review all of your medical history, family history, and more. You’ll share and discuss all of your medical questions and concerns. You’ll go into detail about your diet, exercise, sleep, work, and the other important parts of your life. Your doctor will really get to know you, like a doctor friend. Together you’ll develop a plan to monitor and manage your health, including, if appropriate, using connected devices (weight scales, blood pressure, heart rate, blood sugar) and apps (MyFitnessPal, Fitbit, Runkeeper, Strava, and more).

We’ll Retrieve Your Medical Records

Let your SteadyMD doctor know which doctors and hospitals that you’ve seen in the past. With your permission, we’ll reach out to them and retrieve your records.

Get Detailed Lab Tests

Your SteadyMD doctor will help you find a convenient local facility to get a detailed snapshot of your health. Blood and urine screening will assess the status of the critical systems in your body, including cardiovascular risk factors, blood sugar levels, liver and kidney function, immune system, blood count, thyroid function, and more.

3. Have a Doctor “At-Hand” Who Really Knows You

Text Anytime, Same Day Appointment Anytime

Now that you’re all set up, your SteadyMD doctor is available anytime you need them. Just text them any medical question or concern that you might have. They already know you (and they only have a small number of other patients), so they can get back to you quickly, thoughtfully, and give you the time that you need. Schedule a same-day phone call or video chat.

Ongoing Communication: Diet, Exercise, and Vitals

Your SteadyMD doctor is connected to your life. Tracking your weight or blood sugar? Tracking your eating, sleeping, running, cycling, or weight lifting? Your doctor instantly receives your latest measurement data and is always in sync with you.

Medical Issue? Your SteadyMD Doctor Coordinates

If you get sick or injured, your SteadyMD doctor is there to assess the situation, listen to your concerns, and oversee and monitor your care. If needed, your doctor will help you find the right specialist in your area, brief that specialist on your situation, set you up with an appointment, and review the results with you.

4. Have a Place for All Your Records and Activity

All of Your Health Records Online

Your conversations with your SteadyMD doctor, in addition to all of your past medical records, are conveniently accessible whenever you might need them on your mobile phone and desktop.

Data & Analytics: Weight, Blood Pressure, and More

You’ll also see graphs and trends for your most important vital signs. Understand how you’ve changed and improved over time.

Data & Analytics: Diet, Exercise, and Health Apps

We’ll show you easy-to-read dashboards that tell you how you’ve been doing over the last several weeks and months, summarizing data from your favorite diet, exercise, and health apps (if you happen to use them).

The Time and Attention that You Deserve

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