Our Mission

Make high-quality, high-attention concierge health care available and affordable to millions of Americans. A real relationship with a doctor who “gets you” and is part of your life.

SteadyMD is a technology company and healthcare provider that enables members and doctors to pair up, collaborate, and develop long-term personal relationships, completely online. The SteadyMD Matching Engine evaluates each new member and doctor across hundreds of medical, fitness, and lifestyle attributes to help spark a connection and pair them up successfully.

The company offers services for Primary Care, Functional Medicine, Pediatric Care, and Employers and is licensed and has members in all 50 U.S. states.

SteadyMD doctors are partnered with a limited number of members and are conveniently available through text, phone and video chat. The SteadyMD medical team retrieves and maintains health records, refers patients to local specialists, arranges tests and procedures, and generally influences all downstream care and health spending for that member.

Our Primary Care Doctors

All of our doctors are board-certified general practitioners who are great for everyone. Each serve a limited number of patients and has significantly more time to dedicate to each patient. SteadyMD doctors develop a personal, one-on-one relationship with each patient.

Dr. Scott Soerries

SteadyMD Medical Director. Practicing medicine for 26 years. Father of three.

Dr. Adam Kawalek

Associate Clinical Professor of Medicine at UCLA, Weightlifter, Hiker, & Yogi

Dr. Alec Weir

Functional Medicine Physician, Frequent Traveler, and SWAT Team Medical Operator

Dr. Allyn Resch

Board Certified Internal Medicine & Pulmonary. CrossFit, Whole30 and Mom

Dr. Amanda Rosaasen

Board Certified in Family Medicine and mother of three.

Dr. Austin Baraki

Longtime Starting Strength coach who squats over 500lbs.

Dr. Dani Urcuyo

SteadyMD Medical Director. CrossFit Athlete and Functional Fitness Coach.

Dr. Daniel Hodge

Obesity Medicine, US Navy Lieutenant Commander, Dad

Dr. Danielle DonDiego

Expertise in Fitness, Nutrition, and Weight Loss.

Dr. Darya Blednova

Somatic & Reproductive Health, Functional Fitness, Mom

Dr. Fernando Dorrego

Biological, Mental, and Spiritual Balance. Frequent Traveler and Hiker

Dr. Jason Valadao

Board Certified in Family & Sports Medicine. US Naval Aviator. Personal Development Coach

Dr. Jennifer Walker

World Traveler, CrossFitter, and Long-Time Yogi

Dr. Jonathan Rosaasen

Board Certified in Family Medicine. Cyclist and father of three.

Dr. Josh Emdur

SteadyMD Chief Medical Officer. Sub-three hour marathon runner and father of two.

Dr. Justin Ross

Psychologist. Mindfulness training and cognitive behavioral therapy

Dr. Lauren Jefferis

Functional Medicine, Whole30, Pediatrics

Dr. Leah Roberts

9x IRONMAN finisher. Swims, Cycles, and Runs.

Dr. Lyla Blake-Gumbs

Functional Medicine, Vegetarian, Mother of Three

Dr. Lynn Buchanan

Hiker, Equestrian, & Mother of Three

Dr. Michelle LaBrunda

Preventative Care, Global Health Consultant, and Vegetarian

Dr. Nick Nwabueze

Board Certified Family Physician, CrossFit Level 1 Certified, Nutrition Coach

Dr. Rick Henriksen

SteadyMD Medical Director. Whole30 and Paleo Guru. CrossFitter and father of two.

Dr. Robert Galamaga

Holistic, Integrative Approach to Optimized General Health

Dr. Seth Larsen

"Doctor Meathead" Strength Coach, Family Physician & Strongman

Dr. Shani Muhammad

Functional Fitness, Mom, Paleo

doctor spencer nadolsky
Dr. Spencer Nadolsky

"The Doc Who Lifts." Weight Loss Specialist.

Dr. Tania Elliott

Allergist, Immunologist, Top 40 Healthcare Transformer of 2019

Dr. Wes Clements

Family Medicine, Cross-Country Cyclist, & Mountaineer

Our Staff

We are a team of parents, athletes, animal lovers, and technology geeks passionate about health and wellness. Together, we are committed to improving the quality of medical care and partnering you with the right doctor.

Guy Friedman

Co-founder & CEO

Yarone Goren

Co-founder & COO

Laura Berry

Director of Medical Operations

Charles Tseng

Consulting CTO

Sim Lizares

Lead Software Developer

Jimmy Lien

Vice President of Engineering

Ed Vaicikauskas

Lead Project Manager

Lindsey Johnson

Business Development Manager

Yazan Hamed

Licensing & Compliance

Bianca Chukwueke

Membership Advisor

Augusto Gonzalez

Consulting Mobile Developer

Susana Hidalgo Hurtado

Consulting QA Engineer

Rachel Venkatesan

Medical Assistant

Maddie Michel

Medical Assistant

Matthew Tossick

Medical Assistant

Benita Joseph

Medical Assistant

Cortney Thomas

Medical Assistant

Nisha Moorkoth

Lead Membership Advisor

Drake Martin

Marketing Content Creator

Anna Pearl Wright

Business Operations Associate

Janet Early

Writer & Digital Marketing Specialist

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