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Dr. Scott Soerries

SteadyMD Medical Director. Practicing medicine for 26 years. Father of three.

Dr. Alec Weir

Functional Medicine Physician, Frequent Traveler, and SWAT Team Medical Operator

Dr. Amanda Rosaasen

Board Certified in Family Medicine and mother of three.

Dr. Ankush Bansal

Lifestyle Medicine, Vegan, & World Traveler

Dr. Austin Baraki

Longtime Starting Strength coach who squats over 500lbs.

Dr. Dani Urcuyo

SteadyMD Medical Director. CrossFit Athlete and Functional Fitness Coach.

Dr. Daniel Hodge

Obesity Medicine, US Navy Lieutenant Commander, Dad

Dr. Danielle DonDiego

Expertise in Fitness, Nutrition, and Weight Loss.

Dr. Darya Blednova

Somatic & Reproductive Health, Functional Fitness, Mom

Dr. David Sly

Practicing medicine for 28 years. Father and longtime Vegan