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July 10, 2017 By

Welcome Dr. Mark Cucuzzella and Dr. Josh Emdur to the SteadyMD team!

We are incredibly proud to have them lead the only nationwide primary care practice for runners. A huge announcement today!

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I am a runner myself. Before we started SteadyMD, I had a rough experience with a couple of doctors who told me to stop running and instead “take up swimming or cycling.”

These doctors weren’t runners. They hadn’t spent the (probably hundreds) of hours that I had committed to learning about proper running form, stride length, and cadence. Running shoe considerations, barefoot running, heel-to-toe drop, and stack height. Training techniques like intervals and hill repeats. Nutrition, fat-adapted diets, and race-day fueling.

These doctors didn’t understand me, didn’t speak my language, didn’t know the latest science, and didn’t know what was possible. And, most critically, they didn’t appreciate what running means to me. How could I just give it up?

You see, Marathon Training Academy and Trail Runner Nation podcasts educated me. I listened to each and every episode. I visited the community every day (incidentally where I was first introduced to Dr. Mark’s work and research). I read books like Born to Run (Christopher McDougall), Ultramarathon Man (Dean Karnazes), and Eat & Run (Scott Jurek) and they inspired me.

So, of course, I continue to run today, paying close attention to minor issues when they pop up, always working to improve my running form, strength training a couple of days each week, and following other best practices that I’ve learned.

And now I have a primary care doctor who is a fellow runner and who understands me. My guide (I expect for many years) who can oversee all of my health care and help me keep running (hopefully!) forever.

UPDATE on 07/26/2017:


Listen to Dr. Mark and Dr. Josh being interviewed by Trevor and Angie on the Marathon Training Academy podcast!


Also Listen to Dr. Mark on the Trail Runner Nation podcast, where he joined for the 16th time!