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Newly Redesigned Web Site Featuring Our 6 Medical Practices

September 1, 2017 By

Late last night we released the newly redesigned SteadyMD web site. Please check it out and let us know what you think!

Our home page now features our six distinct medical practices. You can choose a doctor that is perfectly aligned with your life, passions, and goals.

We thought that it was really important to better explain that SteadyMD is not just another telemedicine company (where you are usually connected with a random doctor upon each visit, Uber-style).

1) Not only do we partner you, long-term, with a doctor you choose (a doctor with a limited number of patients who actually has the time to understand you, your personal medical history, your family medical history, etc.)

2) But you can choose a doctor who is perfectly aligned with your life, passions, and goals. If you’re a weightlifter, get a doc who lifts. If you’re a triathlete, get a triathlete doc. Not easy to get a doctor like this in your home town, where you are limited to the doctors in your area who happen to have some availability. The internet enables this type of match-making for the first time, ever.

The result: Collaborate (not just a one-way relationship) with a doctor regularly in ways that you like to communicate with friends and loved ones (texting, for example). A doctor that is part of your life who “gets you,” serving as your guide and helping you manage your long-term health. A doctor friend.