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From the Trenches: A Registered Nurse’s Healthcare Story

June 24, 2019 By

Christy Adkins is a Registered Nurse 7x CrossFit Games competitor, and mother to a 14-month-old baby boy. Through her experience as an RN, she’s been both a patient and a healthcare provider. As a mom and an athlete, she was looking for a better healthcare solution for her and her family. That’s where SteadyMD came in.

We interviewed SteadyMD patient, Christy Adkins, about her experience with healthcare as an RN and how SteadyMD is different: Here’s what she said:


I Don’t Have to Settle for the One-Size-Fits-All Recommendations

From a nurse’s perspective – I’ve worked in a hospital setting and as an athlete who’s seeking care, my biggest pet-peeve is the “one-size-fits-all” recommendations and the blanket statements. I experienced that through the beginning of my pregnancy as well. I feel for the doctors because they got into medicine to help people so it’s not a bashing of anyone but just a pet peeve of the healthcare system and the way it is now. Where there’s just not enough time to see your patient and generalized advice and it’s felt to me at times that people aren’t willing to hear: ‘well, what would you recommend to me in this unique situation.’

SteadyMD is different because it takes the whole person into account. When you meet with the doctor for the first time, they’re hearing about your health history, where you are right now and your lifestyle. Most importantly they’re hearing and asking about your lifestyle and asking about what matters to you and what your desired outcomes are.

It’s important to me to have all of those health components are taken into consideration is really really valuable. It’s something that allows SteadyMD doctors to make more personalized recommendations instead of a one-size fits all approach. They can really focus on the patients and the patients care. I think it’s a really awesome and unique way for a patient to get primary care.



With SteadyMD you have one doctor that you go through a very thorough interview and assessment process with, in the beginning. This sets up a really beautiful relationship with your doctor. I really love that and the ease of access to a doctor that knows you, your goals, health history, and diet.  

I think that other people must experience this too, but especially as a nurse, I don’t want to waste the nurse’s or doctor’s time when I’m standing in the office. I get this rushed sense of keeping things to the bullet points or really short for when I’m with the doctor. It’s almost a sense of needing to give an abbreviated story. Then you leave the office and you’re just like oh, I didn’t share this part or this part and I really wish I did.


Are You Stuck in a Revolving Door of Doctors? Here’s Why I Love SteadyMD

What I love about SteadyMD is the personal relationship with the doctor. It’s someone who knows you and cares about you. The way that they do that is through the interview process that you have when you become their patient. I think that’s something that (especially in a bigger city area) you just don’t get anymore. It might have been something our parents or grandparents had where the family doctor is someone you know and grew up with but we don’t have that as much anymore. It’s more of a rotating or revolving door. You’re kind of in and out. You may see multiple doctors in a practice when you’re seeking traditional healthcare.


I Have a Doctor Friend Who “Gets Me”

Being a registered nurse, I have lots of friends who are doctors. When something comes up with your baby or yourself you kind of just want to pull people and ask around for what they think about it or for their expert opinion.

In the case of SteadyMD, that person is designated to you. You don’t have to feel like you’re leaning on a friend. SteadyMD is like having that doctor friend but one that you don’t mind bothering with any health concern. It’s someone that you can reach by text and that you can schedule an appointment with online or through the app. A lot of the times I can see my doctor in the same or next day.

You don’t have to sit in the office, wait in the waiting room or even pack up your baby in the car. If you know that you have to do all these steps but you’re not feeling up for it, then you may just put it off. And then you’re just putting off feeling better.  

It’s kind of hilarious because the first appointment that I had with my SteadyMD doctor, Dr. Roberts, I remember I was literally in bed drinking coffee. She just lifted up her coffee cup too and said, “cheers.” It was a very personal and relaxed start.


At the Center of My Care

This company makes sure to bring in doctors that they know can relate to you. They’re even into things like nutrition and fitness. That’s mind-blowing because most doctors don’t seek out nutrition when pursuing their medical degree. The time is now for this kind of care. There’s a place for SteadyMD and it can be very effective to have your primary care doctor be someone you can reach out to who understands you. To have your SteadyMD doctor be at the center of your care is so important.


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