Best-in-Class Technology and Highly Trained Clinicians Helps Understaffed Healthcare Organizations Lower Costs, Reduce Burnout and Manage Patient Workloads

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON – October 9, 202398point6 Technologies, a leader in virtual care software, today announced a new strategic partnership with B2B telehealth infrastructure provider, SteadyMD. Together, these leaders will provide an all-in-one virtual care offering to healthcare organizations that combines 98point6’s cloud-based, licensable technology with SteadyMD’s 50-state network of highly-trained clinicians to help short staffed healthcare organizations lower the unit economic cost of care operations, reduce provider burnout and manage escalating patient workloads.

With an estimated shortage of 200,000 nurses and 50,000 physicians over the next three years and with more than 50% of U.S. hospitals operating at a deficit in 2022, health systems face significant financial and operational challenges. The text-first 98point6 Technology Platform, coupled with SteadyMD’s technology, clinical operations and clinician workforce, will enable organizations, such as health systems with in-person care, to create new revenue streams, increase provider efficiency and reduce administrative burdens — making their hybrid and virtual care strategies a reality.

“98point6 Technologies brings a keen understanding of how technology can lower the cost of care while also providing the best patient and provider experiences possible,” said Guy Friedman, co-founder and CEO of SteadyMD. “Our new all-in-one virtual care solution promises to revolutionize healthcare delivery, ensuring providers have the tools and support they need to provide accessible, high-quality patient care.”

The 98point6 Technology Platform provides the backend infrastructure that enables healthcare organizations to innovate and quickly reimagine new economic models at scale. Now bolstered by the expertise of SteadyMD’s U.S. board-certified providers, the 98point6 Technology Platform provides a quick and cost-effective way for understaffed healthcare organizations to maintain their competitive edge and boost their bottom line in an ever-evolving marketplace, without needing to increase their current workforce.

Provider-Centric Software Optimizes Efficiency
Developed by a team with a proven track record of building and running a successful nationwide virtual clinic serving millions of patients, the 98point6 Technology Platform stands apart from the flood of provider-centric tools. Based around a flagship Clinician Console, the 98point6 Technology platform is a scalable, cloud-based platform that helps providers conduct efficient, high-quality patient visits.

Built-in logic, in the form of artificial intelligence (AI) and automated clinical support tools, guides providers to quickly make the right medical decisions and provide care for more than 4,000 conditions virtually or seamlessly direct patients to the right in-person follow up care when needed. Automation built into the platform limits care variability, optimizes patient and provider time by streamlining the intake process and reduces cognitive load on clinicians so they can more effectively and efficiently practice at the top of their license.

The SteadyMD clinicians work shoulder to shoulder with a client success team and clinical operations team to deliver effective and efficient clinical care. Through careful planning and monitoring, the team ensures that patients are seen in a timely manner, programs are staffed effectively, and clinicians are trained and confident in their use of the technology platform and their knowledge of customer and use case-tailored clinical protocols.

The 98point6 and SteadyMD offering to healthcare organizations includes:

  • A digital clinic hosted in the cloud that seamlessly integrates with existing systems including EHRs, and is secure and compliant (HIPAA, SOC 2)
  • An AI-enhanced patient entry point that can be white-labeled with a healthcare organization’s brand
  • A Clinician Console with configurable workflows, automated clinical decision support tools, support for multi-patient chat, and care follow-up and documentation tools
  • Training and development for clinicians and staff
  • A 50-state network of clinicians, a client success team and a clinical ops team delivering on-demand and scheduled virtual care

“Together with SteadyMD, we’re paving new ground by equipping strained healthcare organizations with the tools they need to navigate the complexities of today’s healthcare environment,” said Jay Burrell, President and Chief Executive Officer of 98point6 Technologies. “At 98point6, we believe in being more than a digital health solution; we’re a helping hand in transforming the healthcare landscape. This partnership exemplifies that commitment to providing comprehensive support, not just in technology but in redefining the very essence of care delivery.”

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About 98point6 Technologies
98point6 Technologies builds and licenses software to power exceptional virtual care experiences for providers and patients based on years of clinical use across millions of patients. Its flagship 98point6 Technology Platform consists of turnkey, cloud-based software that harnesses the power of artificial intelligence bundled with time-tested, automated practice standards. The platform includes a physician-facing Clinician Console, patient-facing branded app and professional services and support. Available as licensed software, the 98point6 Technology Platform empowers health systems to create and grow premium virtual care offerings that give providers a significant technology lead in a rapidly evolving and competitive marketplace. To learn more about 98point6 Technologies, visit

About SteadyMD
SteadyMD is a B2B telehealth infrastructure provider that powers high-quality telehealth patient experiences for leaders and innovators in healthcare in all 50 states. Working shoulder-to-shoulder with healthcare organizations, labs and diagnostics companies, pharmacies, payers, and digital health brands, SteadyMD enables its partners to scale quickly and efficiently nationwide by offering a 50-state clinician workforce, clinical operations, legal and regulatory guidance, and world-class product and technology. SteadyMD’s carefully curated community of thousands of board-certified clinicians are passionate about improving access to high-quality care by utilizing state-of-the-art delivery modalities and serving patients across the entire care spectrum. To learn more, please visit

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