As 2024 approaches, I’m proud to reflect back on some of SteadyMD’s greatest hits in 2023.

We’ve achieved a lot this year in the service of patients, our customers and our clinicians. We are positioned better than ever to transform access to better healthcare through our clinical, operational, and technical excellence. Here are some of the highlights of our SteadyMD Wrapped.

Patients’ Top Artist: Improved Access

We rolled out a slew of new features and upgrades in 2023 that focused on improving patient access and convenience. That included things like platform upgrades which make it easier for patients to schedule appointments, and expanded asynchronous messaging designed around patient availability and needs.

We also greatly expanded our nationwide network of licensed clinicians, and extended our specialized clinical service offerings to include pediatric tracking to and genetic counseling, so that patients have access to the right type of clinician at the right time.

Significant technology advances for our clinicians — discussed in the next section — also contributed to more satisfying patient experiences including improved wait times, faster lab and prescription turnarounds, and smoother intake processes.

Clinicians’ Song of the Summer: Workflow Upgrades

In 2023, our clinicians were hitting the repeat button on a new favorite tune. One that blended the upbeat power of better workflows with richer, deeper insights.

Stronger decision support integrations provided our clinicians with improved point-of-care guidance, enabling them to provide more informed, personalized, evidence-based care while avoiding errors, improving health outcomes, and reducing their workload. Automated patient routing and eligibility-based consult triage also increased efficiency and quality of care.

Integrated closed-loop referrals made it easier for our clinicians to refer patients to specialists or pharmacies by connecting the referral process with pharmacy and prescribing data. This allowed for better tracking and management of a patient’s medications and treatments, reducing the risk of errors and ensuring that the care plan is followed correctly.

Refined documentation templates, integrated prescription handling, and automated intake protocols had our clinicians turning up the volume to 11. And big gains in portal usability were also a hit when it came to documentation, ordering and care plan creation. Automations around patient intake, referrals, and follow-ups allowed our clinicians to focus on delivering care rather than paperwork.

Clients’ Favorite Album: Scaling with Speed

Our highly-customizable clinician workforce solution enabled a record number of new customer partners to launch or expand branded telehealth solutions in 2023.

The clinical efficiencies gained through technology advancements and process improvements directly benefited health outcomes and patient satisfaction, enabling our customers to optimize clinician staffing, and shift scheduling based on data-driven utilization forecasts.

Operationally, we accelerated new customer implementations, frequently achieving go-live in under 30 days. Existing partners saw incredible service levels as well, with significant consult volumes.

As a result of all of the above, we maintained high customer satisfaction scores and retention rates.

As we enter 2024, our team is locked in the studio cooking up more five-star innovations with patients, clinicians, and partners top of mind. I feel both humbled by our growth and optimistic about the future. Our accomplishments this past year have positioned us incredibly well for the next phase of innovation and impact.

Onward to 2024,

Guy Friedman
Co-founder and CEO, SteadyMD