Healthcare needs have evolved considerably over the past century.

But the traditional healthcare model has not. The system has largely moved away from one-on-one patient-doctor relationships, and has been slow to adapt to changing consumer needs. Today, traditional healthcare operates primarily as a means of treating urgent, acute conditions.

This type of treatment is necessary. But it leaves out some important pieces.

Acute care treats for illness after it has already developed. Contrastingly, preventative healthcare works to prevent or reverse chronic disease before it strikes by promoting long-term health habits and regular care. We think its the healthcare of the future.

SteadyMD’s approach to healthcare aims to optimize your health and lifestyle, as well as provide care when you or a member of your family gets sick. We strive to treat the modern patient.

Modern healthcare patients:

  • Don’t want to wait until they’re sick to get healthy
  • Want convenient access to the same doctor on an ongoing basis
  • Want their views and treatment preferences to be respected
  • Want to feel heard by their doctor
  • Want to have a say in their healthcare approach
  • Don’t want to explain their health history again and again each time they see a doctor


SteadyMD continuously grows in ways that align with the needs of the modern patient. For example, we are the first nationwide telemedicine company to provide a functional medicine offering. Instead of treating organ systems (heart, lungs, gut, nervous system, etc.) as separate entities, functional medicine examines how the body functions as a whole.

This approach to medicine prioritizes finding the root cause of illness and treating for it, rather than only alleviating symptoms. It’s a comprehensive systems biology approach to health and disease. 

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How is SteadyMD different from other healthcare companies?

Unlike many traditional healthcare companies, SteadyMD offers a subscription plan and doesn’t bill insurance. This means there are no hidden fees or unexpected costs. When the patient chooses to utilize their insurance for services such as prescriptions or lab work, SteadyMD’s medical assistants are available to coordinate care through the SteadyMD app.

Medical assistants help patients with all necessary downstream care, including prescription management, orders of labs and x-rays, and referrals.

The traditional healthcare system gives doctors a heavy patient load. Oftentimes, doctors need to see more than 25 patients in a day and, therefore, don’t have a sufficient amount of time to thoroughly examine and listen to each one.

SteadyMD takes a different approach. Our doctors see a limited number of patients, so that they can better serve each and every person with quality, personalized care.

Patients have been patient long enough. (That pun was as intended as SteadyMD’s commitment to provide long term, effective healthcare!)

If you’re curious about learning more about the healthcare of the future and how it can resolve many of the problems posed by the existing medical structure, learn more about us here.

Do you want a consistent doctor who is personally suggested to you based on your individual medical concerns, health goals, diet and lifestyle?

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