Dr. Alec Weir M.D. is a busy man. If you give him free time, he will find a way to fill it! In addition to being a SteadyMD doctor, he also offers his physician services for all operations and training with the Saginaw County SWAT/Emergency Services Team, and is a hands-on dad to his two young children. His devotion to his family, community and patients make him a true leader.

When did you join SteadyMD and how did you hear about us?

I do a lot of CrossFit, so if you’re a part of that community you’ll see ads for SteadyMD directed at health-conscious physicians. At the time I applied to SteadyMD, I was a full time, in-person clinician.

“I joined SteadyMD two years ago and I saw the potential for growth, so I left my practice to solely focus on my work at SteadyMD.”

Eventually I had enough work where I was back to earning the same salary I had when I left my in-person job.

What kind of programs do you work on at SteadyMD?

With training and experience in emergency medicine, urgent care, primary care, and functional medicine, I enjoy providing care to patients—not only for their day-to-day medical events, but also for their most difficult health and wellness problems.

“SteadyMD has offered me a variety of opportunities that I’m able to schedule on my timetable.”

I work early morning shifts. I have a steady consumer panel of primary care patients from one partner program. For another partner, I work on scheduled shifts for on-demand, live urgent care visits, which is more my speed and background. And I can also pick up extra work from “asynchronous” consults, such as prescription review and approvals, if I want to at times.

What is your medical philosophy and does it vary by patient type?

I keep a balanced and open-minded approach to medicine. I believe in providing healthcare options that align with my patients’ goals, beliefs, and lifestyles. I worked with a wide scope of patients: professional athletes, new moms, special forces soldiers, community members, and frustrated patients. No person’s health needs are ever the same.

I understand that life can be hectic. As a father of a 6-year-old daughter and a 4-year-old son, and as a doctor, a police officer on the local SWAT team, and a member of a team that provides medical services around the world, I know that personal wellness doesn’t always become a top priority and yet we know it needs to be.

“Over the years, I have realized that true wellness and growth comes from a deep connection between a doctor and patient, and through that relationship, anyone can become healthier, happier, and lead a more fulfilling life.”

With tailored medical care, exercise routines, nutritional plans, stress management, sleep mitigation, and personal development, I truly believe that you can be the healthiest and happiest version of you. Working with my patients, I strive to find a personalized approach to health and wellness that works for their unique situations.

Why do you think clinicians are hesitant about making the move to a telehealth practice?

Many clinicians are aware of telehealth opportunities. The problem is you never know which company is trustworthy. I worked in 5-6 independent contractor roles, which is a lot to manage. And it’s scary to work for just anyone, because if the company is mismanaged, clinicians can be left on the hook and lose their medical licenses.

“What attracted me to SteadyMD was the quality of the other clinicians, autonomy, flexible schedule, and medical associate support. They are like a trusted agent for me.”

What does SteadyMD offer clinicians that you can’t find at another telehealth company?

At SteadyMD, the emphasis is foremost on the relationship between patient and physician, something that can be lost in traditional care settings. Here, we can take a proactive and preventative approach to medicine, versus a reactionary one and I don’t believe any medical team is doing it better.