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SteadyMD Offers Free Online Healthcare to Coronavirus First Responders

March 5, 2020 By

While most people are diligently trying to avoid getting the COVID-19 virus, first responders – teams of nurses, doctors, and other medical staff – are actively treating those who are sick and helping stop the spread.

To these COVID-19 first responders, SteadyMD is offering 3 FREE months of online healthcare.

If you are a nurse, doctor, or other medical professional who is at higher risk of exposure to the new coronavirus, you qualify for this free offer, which provides three months of complimentary healthcare with a personal online doctor – one who is assigned to you specifically based on your needs, interests, and goals.

SteadyMD gives members an ongoing partner in their long-term healthcare. Members can share symptoms, ask questions, or schedule regular check-ins with the same doctor each time.

How to Sign Up for this Offer:

  1. Visit the SteadyMD home page and take the quiz, which will suggest a handful of doctors for your care.
  2. Choose a doctor and sign up for your first appointment. Please note, you will be asked for your credit card information at sign up in order to hold your appointment. However, all costs are waived for three months of service once you prove your eligibility as a COVID-19 first responder.
  3. Prove your eligibility by showing us an image of your nurse, doctor, or other medical professional ID.
  4. Get unlimited and convenient ongoing care from your personal online doctor.


Thank you for your efforts and diligence in helping keep COVID-19 contained!


Terms of Offer:

Currently active nurses, doctors, and other medical staff qualify. Must present ID / proof of status. Limited to first 100 sign ups (may change depending on demand). You will be asked for your credit card information at sign up, as is standard with our sign up process. However, all fees will be waived for the first three months. After the first three months, you have the opportunity to cancel your membership with no cost at all to you, or continue seeing your doctor and pay the standard monthly membership price.


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What is SteadyMD?

SteadyMD is your personal doctor, online. We partner you with a doctor who is aligned with your individual health goals, medical concerns, and lifestyle. Our matching technology connects you directly with a doctor who becomes an ongoing partner in your long-term healthcare. The service is completely online and members get direct text, call or video chat access to their personal doctor whenever they need. The first appointment is an hour-long discussion over video chat that establishes a foundation for a comprehensive, trusting patient-doctor relationship.

Dr. Josh Emdur, SteadyMD Chief Medical Officer, notes that the CDC recommends telehealth as a means to screen patients and care for them at home. This level of care is greatly improved with regular follow-ups and check-ins. “Unlike urgent care or episodic telemedical care, patients with COVID-19 need close monitoring over time. I am not aware of any institutions that would be able to do this starting today at scale other than the personal online doctors at SteadyMD.”

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