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The World’s First Primary Care Practice, Fully Online, Just for Triathletes

August 25, 2017 By

Today we are proud to announce the world’s first primary care practice, fully online, just for Triathletes.

Dr. Jeff Westerfield and Dr. Leah Roberts, both experienced triathletes and board-certified physicians, are leading the way.

For those who are counting, that’s six!  Six different online practices, each catering to a specific category of folks, each led by doctors who are world-class experts and / or passionate participants in their category.

Fitness & Lifting Practice
Led by Dr. Spencer Nadolsky, “The Doc Who Lifts.”

Functional Fitness Practice
Led by Dr. Dani Urcayo, CrossFit Games athlete.

Strength Training & Powerlifting Practice
Led by Dr. Jordan Feigenbaum and Dr. Austin Baraki who both squat 600 lbs.

Running Practice
Led by Dr. Mark Cucuzzella and Dr. Josh Emdur who both ran sub-3-hrs at Boston last year.

LGBTQ Practice
Led by Dr. Katie Bast who opened the first medical practice openly catering to the LGBTQ community in Indiana.

And of course, the Triathlon Practice.

Where else can you find a doctor who has the time to listen to you, pay attention to you, and also totally “gets you” and your life?